Privacy Policy

Richter Sport Limited is referred to as "Richter Sport", "We", “Us” or "Our" in this Policy. You and, where relevant, Your Employees, Affiliates, Users and End-Customers are referred to as “You” or“Your”.

Richter Sport is committed to keeping all data entrusted to Us secure and will only use any such data for the purpose it was collected for. This document outlines how We use Your information.

We must have a legal reason for storing personal data. One of these reasons is where You have given Your consent. If You have volunteered to provide Us with Your personal data (for example, by sending Us an unsolicited email), We will treat this as You providing Your consent. Where the processing of Your personal data is based on consent,

You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Simply email Other reasons We may hold and/or process Your
personal data are: where We are legally obliged to; in order to fulfill contractual obligations; or for legitimate interests.

This Privacy Policy covers all the following areas where Richter Sport holds personal data:
● Visitors to our website
● Visitors to our premises
● People who contact us (external)
● People who use Richter Sport services
● Complaints or queries
● Job applicants, current and former Richter Sport employees
● Use of Data Processors
● Your rights
● Access to personal information
● Links to other websites
● Changes to this Privacy Policy
● How to contact us


The website is used for marketing our Products. The website collects information about how You use the website and provides an opportunity for You to contact Us.

Our website has links to our YouTube channel, Twitter channel and FaceBook page. Clicking on these links takes you through to those sites. Richter Sport does not pass data about you to those sites when you click the link (we do pass the referrer site - i.e. that this visitor has come from Our website). The sites themselves may collect data about you and we therefore advise you to check their Privacy Policies.

Our website includes an integration with YouTube that enables us to include embedded videos and a link through to our other videos on YouTube. The integration may allow YouTube (parent company, Google) to profile a user when the user loads the Richter Sports website. Further information on how Google (and therefore YouTube) treat your personal
information can be found at:

Our website includes an integration with Twitter that enables us to include embedded tweets and a link through to our feed on Twitter. This integration is provided by Twitter for Websites.
A suite of products that enable website publishers to integrate Twitter content into their sites.
Twitter may receive information including the web page you visited, your IP address, browser type, operating system, and cookie information. This information helps Twitter to improve their products and services. Further information can be found here:

Our website includes an integration with Facebook that allows you to directly click through to
our Facebook page and also displays recent posts directly on the Richter Sport website page.

You can ‘like’ our Facebook page directly from the Richter Sport website using our Facebook
integration. Information on how Facebook use your data can be found online. Facebook state that if a person has visited Facebook and then visits our website, the browser sends Facebook information in order to load Facebook content on that page. The data we receive may include information such as your user ID, the website you’re visiting, the date and time, and other browser-related info. Facebook record some of this info and may use it to improve their products and services and to show you more interesting and useful ads.
You may choose to provide personally identifiable information through Our ‘Contact Us’ page. We collect the information in order to respond to Your contact.
When someone visits we use a third party online service to help Us to understand Our visitors; for example, how visitors find Our website, how long they spend on Our site, which web pages they are most interested in etc. We use Statcounter because better understanding how visitors are interacting with Our website helps Us to improve the content, design and functionality
of Our site. This allows Us to offer a better online experience to Our visitors.
Statcounter uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on visitors and visitor activity on Our

This data includes:
● Time and date of visit (this can help Us to identify and plan for busy periods on our website)
● IP address (this is a numerical label assigned to a device by an Internet Service Provider to
enable the device to access the internet)
● Browser and Operating System (this can help Us to make sure that Our website functions
correctly in the browsers/operating systems used to access Our site)
● Device Information e.g. device type and screen size (this can help Us to make sure that Our
website functions correctly in the devices used to access Our site)
● Referring Data e.g. a search engine link (this can help Us to understand which search
engines are helping visitors to find Our website)
Furthermore, when you visit Our website a Statcounter cookie (called "is_unique") may be placed in
Your browser. This cookie is used only to determine whether You are a first-time or returning visitor
and to estimate unique visits to the site.
You can learn more about cookies from Statcounter and set your browser to refuse them here:
For further details, please see the Statcounter privacy policy the:


Richter Sport is located at Denbigh House, Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Milton
Keynes, MK1 1DG
We collect personal information about the visitors to our office.
CCTV - CCTV operates on our premises for security prevention and investigation purposes. Your image may be recorded on numerous cameras. All CCTV footage is securely stored and retained for a maximum of one calendar month. Where the footage is required for the investigation of a crime it may be retained for longer.
Visitor Book - To identify external visitors, every person visiting us at our premises (excluding visitors to our reception area) is required to record information in our visitor book. This includes your name,who you are visiting and your vehicle  number. This data is retained for a maximum of one year following your visit.



People who contact us via social media
Richter Sport has a presence on the following social media sites:
Twitter: @abt_uk -
Facebook: @RichterSportLtd -
Facebook: -
Instagram: @richtersport_abt_uk -
Youtube: Richter Sport / ABT UK -
Youtube: Richter Sport LTD -

We aggregate usage data from the individual sites to provide business insight (such as understanding viewing patterns and how to maximise audience reach). We do not share or sell your data. However, we recommend you familiarise yourself with how the social media sites use your data.



When you call Richter Sport we collect information, such as the number that is calling. We use this information to help us provide an efficient and effective process.


Where a member of the public has contacted us via or or or any other publically available (external) email address (including
We use a Third Party supplier - Google Mail - to receive, store and respond to emails. Any emails sent to individually named accounts are only received by the named recipient, but may be forwarded in order to affect a resolution. Emails sent to group email addresses are received by the employees who are responsible for the type of message that the email address relates to.
We will also monitor any emails sent to us, including file attachments, for viruses or malicious software. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send is within the bounds of the law.


Helpdesk Software 

Contacts through the following methods are stored in our helpdesk software, Freshdesk, provided by an external third party (Freshworks - see their Privacy Policy):
● email; or
● email; or
● email; or
● @RichterSportLtd Facebook private message or comments; or
● Facebook private message or comments.

The helpdesk software is used to ensure we provide the best support we can for our new and existing
customers. The data Richter Sport holds in Freshdesk is not stored solely within the EEA, however Freshworks ensures data is hosted within centers qualified by global IT standards and regulations.

The GDPR allows transfers of data through EU-US Privacy Shield Certification and Model Contractual Clauses, Freshworks uses both of these. Freshworks data centers are located in United States, Europe, India and Australia. More information can be found in the Freshworks GDPR Resources online.



We try very hard to provide the best Products and Services we can. However, when we do not live up to your expectations we want to hear about it so we can investigate and make any changes we need to at Richter Sport to prevent it happening again.
When we receive a complaint from a person, we create a file containing the details of the complaint.  This normally contains the identity of the complainant and any other individuals involved in the complaint.
We will only use the personal information we collect to process the complaint and to check on the level of service we provide. We do not compile or publish statistics showing information such as the number of complaints we receive.
We may have to disclose the complainant’s identity to whoever the complaint is about. This is inevitable where, for example, the accuracy of a person’s record is in dispute. If a complainant doesn’t want information identifying them to be disclosed, we will try to respect that wherever possible.
However, it may not be possible to handle a complaint on an anonymous basis.
We will keep personal information contained in complaint files in line with our retention policy. This means that information relating to a complaint will be retained for two years from closure. It will be retained in a secure environment and access to it will be restricted according to the ‘need to know’


Richter Sport is the data controller for the information provided by you in the course of seeking work
opportunities, recruitment or employment. Inbound queries and/or applications should be made via If you have any queries about the process or how we handle your information please contact us at
What will we do with the information you provide to us?
All of the information you provide during the process will only be used for the purpose of progressing your application, or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements if necessary.
We will not share any of the information you provide during the recruitment process with any third parties for marketing purposes. The information you provide will be held securely by us and/or our data processors whether the information is in electronic or physical format.
We will use the contact details you provide to us to contact you to progress your application. We will use the other information you provide to assess your suitability for the role you have applied for.
We will keep information provided and/or obtained during the recruitment process in line with our retention policy. This means that information relating to an unsuccessful application will be retained for six months and for five years after the end of employment for successful applicants. It will be retained in a secure environment and access to it will be restricted according to the ‘need to know’
What information do we ask for and why?
We do not collect more information than we need to fulfil our stated purposes and will not retain it for longer than is necessary. The information we ask for is used to assess your suitability for employment. You don’t have to provide what we ask for, but it might affect your application if you don’t.

Application and Shortlisting stage
Richter Sport may advertise opportunities to join the team through multiple mediums (including social media). However, we will always ask you to apply by emailing your application (including your name, contact details and CV) to Only those directly involved in the recruitment of a role will have access to all of the information you provide in order to assess your suitability for the role.

We might ask you to complete a trial day as part of the application process. This is usually unpaid but gives us an opportunity to assess whether you are suitable for the role and offers you the opportunity to see whether you would like to work for us.
During the assessment stage, information will be generated by you and by us. For example, we might take notes. This information is held securely by Richter Sport. If you are unsuccessful following assessment for the position you have applied for, we will retain your details for a maximum period of twelve months. This is to enable us to recontact you if a suitable position arises or to investigate and respond to any appeals. If you would rather we did not retain your data, please contact us at

Conditional offer
If we make a conditional offer of employment we will ask you for information so that we can carry out pre-employment checks. You must successfully complete pre-employment checks to progress to a final offer. We are required to confirm the identity of our staff, their right to work in the United Kingdom and seek assurance as to their trustworthiness, integrity and reliability.
You may therefore be asked to provide or complete some or all of the following:
● Proof of your identity – provide the original documents, we will take copies.
● Proof of your right to work in the UK (where not a British Passport holder)
● Criminal convictions – complete a criminal records declaration to declare any unspent convictions.
● We will contact your referees, using the details you provide in your application, directly to obtain references
If we make a final offer, we will also ask you for the following:
● Bank details – to process salary payments.
● Emergency contact details – so we know who to contact in case you have an emergency at work. You must ensure that your emergency contacts are happy for you to provide us with their personal data.
● Financial and contact information in order to join the Contributory Company 



Data processors are third parties who provide elements of our services or enable the delivery of our internal processes. We undertake assurance assessments on all of our Suppliers to ensure that they meet our high standards for data security.

Some of the personal data collected is, as a result, shared with these carefully selected third party service providers and our business partners.
We use some suppliers that will host your Personal Data in jurisdictions outside the European Economic Area. We will execute such transfers in accordance with the requirements under the Data Protection Regulations, for example by relying on the US Privacy Shield regime or the EU Contract Model Clauses (as published by the European Commission) where required and appropriate. Richter
Sport will continue to use UK and European Suppliers wherever possible, but this is not always commercially viable.
We use Third Parties in both the operation of Richter Sport and also our products and services. The suppliers can be grouped as follows:
Logistics - we use a range of Logistics companies to ensure prompt and reliable service
deliveries for our customers. In order to deliver to your requested address, Richter Sport will pass your address and contact information to the carefully selected Third Party company.
Our main/preferred supplier is DPD Logistics. Information about their GDPR compliance can be found on their website.
Business Operation - we use systems to ensure we can provide our services to our
customers, these include our helpdesk solution (Freshdesk) and our invoicing system
Document creation and/or repository - we use various third party products for creating and storing our documents (internal and external). Products used include: Dropbox; Google Docs; and Google Drive.
Warranties - where you have purchased ABT products though us, the products will include a manufacturer’s warranty. However, we also provide an optional NSA Warranty which provides cover should the Manufacturer’s Warranty not cover the claim. In order to benefit from the NSA Warranty we would share information such as your contact information and product purchases with them. Please let us know at the time of purchase if you do not want us to pass on your personal information (thereby forfeiting this extended warranty).

Analytics - we use StatCounter to provide us with business insight on the use of our
website. We use that information to improve our website and service offerings. Please see
the ‘VISITORS TO OUR WEBSITE’ section of this Privacy Policy for more information.

Fevore Group - Richter Sport are part of a wider group of businesses owned by our parent company, Fevore. We use Fevore Group to provide us with services such as HR, Health and Safety expertise, accounting and payroll in order to optimise business efficiency across the Group’s companies. In order to provide these services to Richter Sport we share data with Fevore that is absolutely necessary in order to provide these services.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have rights as an individual which you can
exercise in relation to the information we hold about you.
More information can be found on the ICO website:
This privacy policy was drafted with brevity and clarity in mind. It does not provide exhaustive detail of
all aspects of Richter Sport’s collection and use of personal information. However, we are happy to
provide any additional information or explanation needed. You can request further information by
contacting us via either the email or postal address in the ‘How to contact us’ section below.


Richter Sport tries to be as open as it can be in terms of giving people access to their personal information. You can find out if we hold any personal information by making a ‘subject access request’. Once we have verified your identity and if we do hold information about you we will:
● give you a description of it;
● tell you why we are holding it;
● tell you who it could be disclosed to; and
● let you have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

To make a request to Richter Sport for any personal information we may hold, you need to put the request in writing and contact us via either the email or postal address in the ‘How to contact us’ section below.
We will initially try to deal with your request informally. If you agree, we will look to provide the specific information you need over the telephone.
If we do hold information about you, you can ask us to correct any mistakes by contacting us via either the email or postal address in the ‘How to contact us’ section below.


This privacy policy does not cover the links within this policy linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.


We keep our privacy policy under regular review. This privacy policy was last updated on 16 Jan



If you want to request information about our privacy policy you can email us at or write to: Richter Sport LTD, Unit 17 Avant Business Centre, 23 Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1DT